Crime Cocktail Bar: The Godfather Approves

Crime Cocktail Bar

If you grew up loving the game of hide-and-go-seek, you’re about to stumble across a lot of fun. Crime Cocktail Bar poses a real challenge to discover, albeit the fact that it is located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of TREC. A real treat for the adventurous, this secret nook has an unusual charm, absent from most bars in KL.

First off, its speakeasy character deserves some highlight. With a décor influence by the pre-prohibition era in the 1920s, Crime’s inconspicuous entrance and absence of signage transports us back to the perilous past, when alcohol was a thing outlawed and speakeasies were multiplying to supply a much desired demand. Consistent with elements from history, Crime’s primary mode of sales come from cocktails, because during the Prohibition Era, it was easier to mask the flavour and look of a single glass of alcohol rather than a full bottle.

The unique, suave mood that permeates this dimly lit enclave washes over you once you actually find its secret doors. Hidden within Crave Restaurant, an oyster bar on TREC, this speakeasy exudes sophistication and flair.

Calm conversation can be made over lavish, comfortable leather cushions amid soothing jazz music. A place to put the mind at ease while enjoying the copious amounts of captivating cocktail creations. Catering specifically for the Asian palate while borrowing elements from the Mediterranean and northern Europe, the drinks here are mild with the intent of educating guests on cocktail gustatory pleasures instead of knocking them out with strong liqueur.

This den of experimentation takes the risky route on use of ingredients. You’ll find exotic cocktail concoctions containing bizarre elements such as pork bacon, fish roe, peanut butter and squid ink.

We fell in love with Crime’s Silk Road.

Crime Cocktail Bar

Crime’s Silk Road (RM48)

A mellow, unassuming light mixture of whiskey, lime and honey, the flavour of which, comes to live when taken with its accompanying strawberry and basil wrapped up neatly in a strip of pork bacon.

Another favourite of ours is the Crime Crimson.

Crime Cocktail Bar

Crime Crimson (RM48)

An amalgamation of familiar flavours that spark curiosity while imbuing peculiar pleasure. A frothy, creamy texture with a hint of citrus, the pleasant notes of coffee and pandan blend seamlessly, creating a concoction worthy of deliberate appreciation.

One noteworthy creation is the MCF Eggnog.

MCF Eggnog (RM48)

Marrying Cognac and Cynar together with a whole egg, this play on taste and texture did not go unnoticed. The tango between the fruity notes of Cognac and Cynar’s bitter ones creates a pleasant sensation on the tongue, encouraging sip after thoughtful sip.

A final deserving mention would be Crime’s Cocaine, an enthralling shot of liquor mix that’ll guarantee a quick rise in ‘spirits’.

Crime’s Cocaine (RM48)

A blend of vodka, absinth and over proof alcohol, plus a hint of cinnamon spice, the astonishing element of this shot is its imbibing procedure. The shot glass will firstly be lit ablaze, the flames quickly blown out and the whole shot sucked up instantly before deeply inhaling three lungfuls of mystery ‘air’. Not only does Cocaine put on a fascinating show, it’ll leave you with a slight buzz and an invigorating mood the rest of the night.

Crime Cocktail Bar is bent on creating a both stimulating yet sophisticated cocktail arena for guests to experiment and enjoy. A place where even smoking is discouraged, so as not to interfere with the aroma and taste of the exquisite cocktail blends, this truly is a place that’ll thoroughly caress all five of the natural senses.

Crime Cocktail Bar. Creating criminally good cocktails.

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Crime Cocktail Bar

Secret Location: Inside Crave Restaurant. TREC. 436, Jalan Tun Razak, Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +03 21105664


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