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Alright, I am not a terrific baker, but I’m guessing that most of you aren’t either. I mean, you don’t hit a terrific baker every time you throw a stone…these unicorns are rare…and when you find one, cling on to them! Cause the things that come out of their ovens are just divine. Yes, as I was saying, I’m not great at this creating cakes business, but I had to bake something for my dad’s birthday. So I chose the simplest recipe I could find, tweaked it a little to suit Malaysian ingredients, and wala! A cake that did not epically fail came to creation. By me. Yup. So all you amateur bakers out there who need an emergency cake with little effort, you should check this Cheese Cake recipe out. It’s quick, simple and quite cheap.

The recipe below serves 6 to 8. You might feel that my steps are really long, but I assure you, it’s just to make fool proof this recipe for other noobs like myself. You’re welcome!


1 cup of crackers (I used Julie’s Cheese Crackers, you may also use Digestives biscuits)

2 tbsps of sugar

¼ cup of melted butter

250g of cream cheese (room temperature)

½ cup sugar

2 eggs (room temperature)

½ cup of heavy cream

Juice from half a lemon

2 tbsp of all-purpose flour


The Crust

  1. Take your crackers and CRUSH EM!!
  2. Add 2 tbsps of sugar into the mixture and mix.
  3. Add the ¼ cup of melted butter in and mix until the mixture feels like crust material, meaning that it doesn’t fall apart when pressed together. Else, you gonna have a very crumbly crust.
  4. Grease a baking pan with butter and line the bottom with baking paper.
  5. Press your crust onto the base of the pan to form a smooth and even layer.

the cheese cake base

  1. Leave in your refrigerator to chill.

The Yummy Cheese Filling

  1. Take your 250g of cream cheese and start blending it until the texture becomes uniform (as in it is no longer one solid block).
  2. Add in ½ cup sugar and continue blending.
  3. Add in your 2 eggs, one at a time, and blend till smooth.
  4. Add in ½ cup of heavy cream.
  5. Then juice from half a lemon
  6. Then 2 tbsps of all-purpose flour (you can add more if texture is too watery)
  7. Now your mixture texture should look something like this.

  1. Pour the mixture onto your chilled crust.
  2. Put your pan into a water bath, like so.

cheesecake water bath

  1. And bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.
  2. Then lower the heat to 160 degrees Celsius for 40 mins to 1 hour.
  3. Once you stick a toothpick into the centre of the cake and the batter doesn’t stick, also, if the top surface is golden or the slightest bit brown, stop the oven, prop open the door, and leave the cake in there to cool slowly for 1 hour.
  4. Then take it out and leave it to cool till it reaches room temperature.

cool the cheese cake

  1. Then you can serve it as it is or refrigerate it and serve cool. (Note on this, once you refrigerate it, the cake texture hardens up a little. It’s moister when served immediately at room temperature. Both are great, but just letting you know in case you have a preference.)

serve cheese cake

OK, if you did make this recipe, you absolutely must send me a picture in the comment section below! Even if your cake looks better than mine, cause I’m still gonna be super-duper proud! All the best making this simple and delish Cheese Cake!


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