Fuego. A Titillating Rooftop Tango with South American Cuisine

Entirely open aired, with a breath-taking full view of KL city and its resplendent twin towers, this gorgeous balcony of a restaurant is one of the best dining places you’ll find around KL. Fantastic customer service, unbelievably amazing food and Fuego’s elegant yet laid back atmosphere will, without a doubt, sweep you off your feet.

View from Fuego’s Rooftop

We took this not-to-be-missed opportunity to try out some of Fuego’s signature dishes and here are our top picks.

Pickled Prawn Guacamole

Fuego at Troika Sky Dining

Pickled Prawn Guacamole (RM 30)

Drawing inspiration from the Mexico-originated avocado dip, Fuego has created guacamole that we at KL Lifestyle would deem nearly unrivalled. The stunning presentation of gorgeous green avocado sauce and swimming within it, the sharp orange hues of freshly peeled shrimp was already enough to whet our appetites. To dip with, there is a riveting selection of vegetable crisps, made from lotus, bananas, sweet potatoes, and yam, all of which when dipped in the guacamole was positively addictive. The tantalizing blend of crisp fresh onions, juicy shrimp, creamy avocado paste with its tinge of spice, coupled with the delightful crunch of chips was a true dance of flavours and textures on the tongue.

Fuego Ceviche

Fuego Ceviche (RM 30)

A staple along the coastal regions of Latin America and the Caribbean, ceviche is typically fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices. For the Fuego Ceviche, Barramundi was cooked in lime juice and flavoured with coconut tiger’s milk and shiso gremolata. An amazing concoction of astounding proportions. A delightful burst of flavour, you’ll start off tasting the sharp, astringent taste of lime but as that mellows down, you can truly appreciate the milder-tasting, tart, bright, and refreshing Barramundi, firm on the exterior, but with a tender, translucent centre that gives as you bite into it.

Soft Shelled Crab as Nachos

Fuego at Troika Sky Dining

Soft Shelled Crab as Nachos (RM 40)

Deep fried to crisp perfection whilst maintaining the rich flavours of the soft shelled crab, this dish is definitely one that will satisfy the crunch cravings in you. Deliciously brittle, when scooped up with its accompanying balsamic avocado mayonnaise, evokes an ambrosial affair in the mouth.

Fuego Grilled Watermelon

Fuego Grilled Watermelon (RM 35)

After that crunchy affair, it was befitting to continue with more dulcet tones to sweeten the palate. Fuego Grill Watermelon was a display of gastronomic art in terms of both plating as well as amalgamation of unique ingredients. Imagine a salad created from a mixture of grilled watermelon, pickled tomatoes and pears, and fried Halloumi cheese, glazed with raspberry vinegar. A novel combinations of ingredients indeed. You’ll taste the mellow sweetness from the watermelon that balances the piquant notes of the pickled elements along with the robust flavour from the Halloumi.

French Beef Flank

French Beef Flank 500g (RM 125)

Let me just say, that this was probably the highlight of the entire dining experience at Fuego. Best to order rare, the beef cooked here is absolutely divine. No expense is spared when preparing this heavenly platter. We had the 500g beef cooked and cut into paper thin slices for ease of eating. It was warm and bright red in the middle, lightly charred on the outside, and browned around the sides. Amazingly tender with titillating succulence, the natural oils from this juicy meat oozes out into the mouth, further flavouring the decadent beef. In fact, you can just devour on its own, sans dressing, because the unadulterated taste of the beef itself is already incredible.

Taking all things into account, we simply adored Fuego at Troika Sky Dining. The vibrant atmosphere, outstanding view, gregarious servers and most of all, the crème de la crème menu created one of our best dining experiences in KL yet.

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Fuego at Troika Sky Dining

Address: Level 23a, Tower B, The Troika, 19 Persiaran KLCC, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hours: 6:30–10:30PM

Phone: +60 3-2162 0886

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