To be honest, when I heard the name Haraju Cube, I thought it was a place selling stationary or furniture. But nope. It sells desserts. Lots of them. In the shape of (you guessed it) cubes. 😉

Haraju Cube

Tucked neatly into the second floor corner of Empire Damansara, is this cheery and fun café that serves some pretty remarkable treats.

Haraju Cube

Did I mention that it was cheery? Cause it is. Bright yellow walls, comfy furniture and plenty of natural light is bound to put you in a good mood.

Haraju Cube

If that weren’t enough, Haraju Cube has complimentary fruity water to rejuvenate you from the Malaysian heat.

Haraju Cube

Fruity Water Station

Me and Jac kept coming to the water station for more cause the fruity water was just so tasty! Also, it was free!

Ok, let me start off with drinks. I have to say that they were awesome.

Haraju Cube

Guava orange juice

The guava orange juice was really fresh, and not too sweet. It was everything a fruit juice could be.

To balance things out, we also had something totally different from juice. The Haraju Milk.

Haraju Cube

Haraju Milk

It was delicious! A homemade recipe, the butter milk was both creamy and light, totally addictive and not off putting.

Haraju Cube

Salmon Tuna Cheese Hot Dog

The food was good. Jac could not put it down the Salmon Tuna Cheese Hot Dog (RM 21.90) and the Ham-Cheese Toast (RM 13.90) was lovely.

Haraju Cube

Ham-Cheese Toast

But really, you’d come to Haraju Cube for the desserts.

We had the visually epic Haruju-Bomb Honey Toast (RM 32.90).

Haraju Cube

Haruju-Bomb Honey Toast

I hadn’t seen anything like it before, it was a very unconventional way of eating toast.

First off, the idea of a toast being a dessert is already bizarre. But this bomb of a toast blew us away. Who knew pairing matcha flavoured ice cream with the delicious buttered toast was gonna be so good?

Haraju Cube

It was truly a visually stunning and scrumptious piece of edible art.

My favourite dessert though at Haraju Cube would be the glorious Cheese Tart.

Haraju Cube

Cheese Tart

Totally under-rated, this delightful piece of pastry brimming with cheese was magnificent! This was no ordinary cheese tart. The cheesy part was not solid. When you cut the pastry, the cheese oozes out onto the plate. It was like a cheesy lava cake. And the innovative combination of the pastry crumble and liquid cheese was a joy to my taste buds. Mmm mm. Yum. Party in my mouth. I don’t have to say more. Go try it!

Haraju Cube


Haraju Cube

Address: 103 Level 1, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Jalan PJU 8/8, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Hours: 11AM–11PM
Phone: +60 3-7733 5973

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