Hana Yuzen. Authentic and artful.

Hana Yuzen

Avocado Salad (RM35)

SS15 has been home to many flourishing food ideas and cuisine creations, so it’s no surprise that we recently stumbled across this artistically impressive Japanese restaurant, Hana Yuzen, risen to join the ranks of noteworthy restaurants around this metropolitan district.

Hana Yuzen

Gyuniku Tataki (RM35)

Adorned with wooden furniture, quaint Japanese curtains and a clean minimalistic tone, with private rooms available for events and gatherings, this pleasant nook of a restaurant imbues guests with a collected calm and quiet comfort.

That is, until the food arrives. We were instantly floored by their gorgeous platter presentations. Intricately arranged dishes, thoughtfully ensemble, aimed to emulate authentic traditional Japanese cuisine.

Our meal began with the Yu Roll.

Hana Yuzen

Yu Roll (RM42)

Refreshing assortment of crisp vegetable leaves bundled up neatly around a morsel of sweet crab meat, the whole medley neatly swaddled in thinly sliced cucumber sheets. The tangle of sweet crab meat, slightly sour Japanese mayonnaise and the crunch of fresh greens proved truly satisfying.

We were then bestowed the Chicken Teriyaki and Chicken Nanban mixed platter.

Hana Yuzen

Chicken Teriyaki and Chicken Nanban Platter (RM20)

Both were chicken dishes but they played out in exceedingly divergent forms. The Teriyaki was deep fried to crisp perfection, the skin giving way to the teeth with a gratifying crunch while the flesh remains moist and tender.  The Nanban on the other hand, was chicken, minced to paste with morsels of meat embedded within, the whole thing wrapped up in flour, fried to achieve ideal crusty levels. Biting into one will elicit involuntary moans of pleasure as your teeth pierce through the solid crust and sink into the juicy, tender fillings within.

Next came the Hoba Yoniku Itame.

Hoba Yoniku Itame (RM45)

A platter of grilled lamb with accompanying mushrooms and green peas. Glazed with shiso rice seasoning and hoba leaf shavings, the dish exudes a toasty aroma upon entry to a room. The lamb, soaked in savoury miso sauce, soft and succulent was a pleasure to indulge in, especially when accompanied with the faint bitter notes of Japanese tea.

We certainly saved the best for last. Our favourite dish here was the Hana Bloom.

Hana Bloom (RM40)

Decadently decorated as it was delicious, this creation was ambrosia in the mouth. Hana Bloom is a harmonious combination of three fresh fish sashimi, squid and Japanese prawn, all bathed in special homemade secret sauce. The hint of green apple zest from the clear sauce tangoed tantalizingly with the fresh nibbles of seafood, its essence permeating throughout your mouth as you pause to appreciate the profound symphony of contrasting flavours, merging to create a single exquisite finale.

Hana Yuzen

Artful in design and uncomplicated in flavour, Hana Yuzen transports us to the land of the rising sun through our taste buds. A place definitely worthy of a visit.

Go here for many many more awesome spots to dine in KL!

Hana Yuzen

Address: 26, Jalan SS 15/4, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


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