An enclave of elegance, luxury and exquisite Peranakan culture, the Majestic Hotel Malacca is truly a destination icon in the heart of Malacca. Perfect for tourists of this heritage city as well as locals for that relaxing weekend getaway, the preservation of the baba nyonya culture here, the impressive Kristang cuisine, the rejuvenating Majestic Spa Village, not to mention its strategic location and impeccable customer service makes this retreat one that completely sooths your body, mind and soul.

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Upon checking in, you’ll be escorted by two beautiful ladies in Kebayas, the traditional Peranakan attire, and presented with hot tea in your room, to spruce you up from your trip.

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Peranakan welcome tea

The deluxe room at the Majestic is indeed a place for pleasure. With soft comfy beds, plenty of work space, a view of Malacca Town, and a tub for that long awaited bubble bath, you might never want to leave your room.

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Except maybe to get to the spa of course!

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Ladies, be prepared to enter into a Zen that you will emerge from, blissful, calm and utterly content. The spa at Majestic Hotel Malacca is the stuff of legends. You’ll be welcomed with a customary sprinkle of flowered water, then led into a complimentary hair washing ceremony. Using the mild and fragrant Malacca Fruit hair products to gently shampoo and condition the hair while giving you a soothing head massage, then rinsing off with some lemon water to prevent dandruff growth, the revitalizing effects of the spa begin here. You’ll then be whisked off to a spa treatment tailored to your body’s needs. If you have frequent body spasms due to tight and constricted muscles, go for the Nutmeg-Rice Rolling Massage for a ‘warming body treatment’. On the other hand, if you’re constantly feeling hot and humid, opt for the Egg Rolling Therapy for a cooling effect. Hard boiled eggs when gently rubbed against the skin have special abilities to settle cramping and swelling, calm the mind, and draw out excess heat. The egg rolling goes together with a relaxing Thai massage, to loosen those knots within. The masseuses here are immensely accommodating and exceptionally experienced. So much so that they are able to tweak their massage repertoire to suit your preferences. To stress once again how relaxing the spa experience here is, don’t be surprise if you doze off mid-massage.

The other vital nerve of Majestic Hotel Malacca is its authentic and distinctive Kristang cuisine, spearheaded by the venerable head chef, Melba Nunis.

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Head Chef Melba Nunis of Melba at the Mansion

A warm and jovial lady, her interaction with guests of her dining mansion is bound to set the mood for a sensational gastronomical experience. A Kristang herself, her dishes are the product of the ever evolving recipes passed down throughout the Kristang generations.

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Melba’s history in pictures

Her evident and intense passion for cooking was initially inherited from her grandmother, an impeccably pristine lady, where Melba learned to be ever attentive to the cleanliness of her kitchen and ingredients. Her mother on the other hand, nurtured in her the love to create cuisines the natural way. An adversary to kitchen shortcuts, Melba, since her tender age has been preparing food from scratch, where chickens came to the kitchen alive, where blenders were a thing of the future, and young Melba sat plucking out chicken feathers and grinding by hand, spices for the evening’s curry.

Striving to provide tasty and traditional home cooked food to all who venture into the Kristang mansion kitchen, its simple yet enjoyable cuisine will steal your heart away. Some appetizer highlights are the delectable Cincalok Fretu, crispy fried balls of fritters infused with savoury cincalok and the Seybah Galinhia which blew us away!

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Kristang appetizers

Braised chicken chop served atop a blanket of fried bean curd and cucumber salad, this traditional snack has been perfected by Chef Melba, definitely a must try.

Moving on to the main courses, the Inchimintu Karangezu is a piece of culinary art. Baked crab stuffed generously with vegetables, chicken and prawns, it definitely was a Kristang highlight. The Sambal Nanas was a fiery addition to the table. Fresh prawns flavoured with spicy sambal and citrous tones from the pineapple, this exotic number will please you to tears.

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Sambal Nanas

For those with the stomach for adventure, you’ll have to indulge in the Aros Fretu Keluak. Seeds of the Keluak tree cooked in chicken curry, a long metal spoon is used to scrape out the flesh within the hard seed shells. For something more staple, Melba’s Nasi Lemak here is unlike any other. The Serai flavoured chicken in the dish was incredibly yummy, ranking this dish as one of our Nasi Lemak favourites.

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Melba’s Nasi Lemak

For dessert, our favourites were the Pulut kung Kaya, glutinous rice doused with Melba’s delish homemade golden kaya, and Sagu kung Sukri Malaka, sago pearls swimming in coconut milk and melted palm sugar that falls apart in your mouth. Fair warning, you will feel like dancing.

Majestic Hotel Malacca

Kristang Desserts

The verdict? Majestic Hotel Malacca was indeed an incredible stay experience, a hideout from the hustle and bustle, a sanctum to recuperate and unwind, and a haven for traditional and outstanding Kristang cuisine exploration.

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The Majestic Hotel Malacca

Address: 188, Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia

Phone: +60 6-289 8000

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