If you don’t already know, there is an awesome hidden bar in Bangsar, called the Mantra Rooftop Bar and Lounge. This jewel is epic in its own little way. For me, my two favourite features about Mantra Bar is its ambiance and its drinks.

mantra bar

Interior of Mantra Bar

Mantra Bar’s got a romantic, cosy indoor setting for those who like their air conditioning, and an outdoor seating as well, for those who’d want a gorgeous view of the city, night air breeze, or just a peaceful place to smoke. I like the latter, so out we went!

mantra bar

The new thing about Mantra Bar is that they just turned one, a few days ago. And to celebrate, they are launching a new bunch of fascinating cocktails. Some are quite impressive and others not so. I’ll start off with my least favourite and end with the best.

First off. The Apricot Negroni at RM38.

mantra bar

Apricot Negroni

I’m not a fan. This apricot infused gin was bitter to the taste buds. It even had a nasty strong aftertaste, so bad I could not finish my glass. But who knows, there are some who might love it. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Then there was the Jungle Bird at RM34.

mantra bar

Jungle Bird

Not one of the best versions I’ve tasted.

Next was the spellbindingly captivating presentation of the Smokey Signal (watch video here) at RM42.

mantra bar

Smokey Signal

It came in a paper bag and when you unwrapped it, smoke escapes. A dramatic display indeed. When it clears, you’ll see your drink. Top points for presentation but not so great taste-wise. Must have been the rum (not a fan of that).  But yea, for all you rum lovers out there, go crazy on this!

Ranking next, is the Bohemian Raspberry at RM 42.

mantra bar

Bohemian Raspberry

This was a pretty neat drink. Slightly creamy to the taste, it had light raspberry flavour, mixed up with gin and lemon. Pretty ok, but not my favourite.

Up next, the Frozen Mango Margarita (RM35).

mantra bar

Frozen Mango Margarita

This is definitely a drink for those who love their sweets. A slushy like texture, this delicious cocktail is a sure fire way to get a high and a brain freeze!

mantra bar

Pisang Colada

The Pisang Colada at RM35 was amazing in the taste department. And not too strong on the alcohol, making it the perfect choice for light drinkers.

And the Raspberry Caipirinha (RM35)comes up next!

mantra bar

Raspberry Caipirinha

With its light tones of raspberry imbuing flavour to the neutral spirit, Cachaca 51, it is definitely a treat to both your mood and your taste buds.

My favourite cocktail at Mantra Bar, the Winter Garden (RM38) was fantastic!

mantra bar

Winter Garden

A mixture of gin, soju and Yuzu, this tonic went down smooth and fast.


And now moving over to the bar bites. Here are some of the selections we tried.

The Fish Mantau (RM8) was a real treat!

mantra bar

Fish Mantau

The crisp seabass was battered with delicious salsa criolia, stuffed into deep fried crunchy mantau buns.

The Fried Chicken Mantaus (RM 8) were even better.

mantra bar

Fried Chicken Mantaus

Doused in buttermilk curry leave sauce, this flavourful bite size treat is worth every penny.

We also tried the Lobster Dynamite (RM25).

mantra bar

Lobster Dynamite

Drenched with delicious sauce on a bed of crisp sushi rice, this delectable tapas was a feast for the senses. It should serve as a lesson for all tapas on how to look pretty and taste good!

The best tasting platter I had throughout the night was the Nasi Lemak Maki (RM22).

mantra bar

Nasi Lemak Maki

Mantra Bar somehow managed to transform our country’s most traditional cuisine into a bite sized Japanese-like delicacy, which tasted absolutely amazing…. Nasi Lemak rice rolled up in seaweed with a meat morsel soaked in prawn sambal, the traditional element clearly remains but with a contemporary dress up and an unexpectedly spicy kick.

Next we had the Ahi Tuna Salad (RM44).

mantra bar

Ahi Tuna Salad

Not that great, but the freshness of the salad is worth a mention. Wasn’t a fan of the half seared tuna, but the greens were fine.

Finally, we had the Truffled Grain Fed Sirloin Donburi (RM58).

mantra bar

Truffled Grain Fed Sirloin Donburi

This extravagant bowl came with a perfect 63 degree onsen egg, jiggly to all movements. Breaking it was extremely satisfying. And the whole dish was pretty good, although I wouldn’t say that it is worth its price point.

All in all, Mantra Bar is definitely a place in Bangsar worth spending a night with friends or with a date. Mostly because of the rooftop element and the not too premium price point. It’s a pretty chilled out place that could develop into something raunchier, later in the night. 😉

mantra bar

Well, it’s now up to you to check it out and tell me in the comments what you think about it. Have fun!

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