We all have choices. And it should be more than choosing what to drink when it comes to your favourite beverage. With tea, decisions are habitually made for you. Even with the best quality, the only choice you have is which blend or type to drink.

Enter Monogram Tea. Where the art of tea blending now rest in your hands. You know what tea you enjoy. So, savour it your way with their collection of accompaniments assiduously curated to complement every cup. Enjoy a unique infusion with every brew of Monogram Tea, where your choice matters most.

Mocktail concocted from Monogram tea blends

Come 6th July in Kuala Lumpur, Gryphon Tea Company, a Singapore gourmet tea brand widely recognised for its fine quality tea blends that feature unique ingredients, raises the bar for tea appreciation with Monogram Tea launched in Malaysia.

Monogram tea launched in Malaysia

Mocktail concocted from Monogram tea blends

The Monogram Collection is Gryphon’s tea blending expert knowledge, in its superlative expression. The collection harnesses the brand’s knowledge of tea flavours and its expertise in product innovation to introduce a new range of handpicked tea leaves and herbs that encourage tea lovers to experiment with bespoke teas.

The new collection is motivated by the company’s desire to enhance consumers’ tea drinking experiences, by inviting them to create their personal tea blends through layering, hence multiplying the possibilities of tea flavours with various permutations in the process of customisation.

“Gryphon Tea Company was founded with a vision to introduce high-quality and unique tea blends as an affordable luxury to consumers. We constantly seek to innovate and inspire consumers to enrich their tea appreciation experiences”, says Mr. Lim Tian Wee, Founder and Executive Director of Gryphon Tea Company. “Monogram encourages tea drinkers to discover their preferred blend of teas and take ownership of how each cup of tea tastes, enhancing their tea drinking experiences with end products that are familiar and close to their hearts.

A collection of 12 sachets that include four black teas, three green teas, one Oolong tea and four types of herbs, this introductory level of tea customisation involves layering at least two tea bags in a teapot to form a blend of flavours. For a start, pairing one tea base with one herb of choice is recommended.

The Monogram collection features unusual ingredients such as orange blossom, shiso, saffron, and bamboo leaves, creating endless possible fresh pairings, for example Uji Sencha, Shiso Mint, and Milky Oolong with Saffronais. Recognising that tea pairing may not be the preference of every drinker, the teas in Monogram have also been designed to be enjoyed individually.

Monogram tea launched in Malaysia

Mocktail concocted from Monogram tea blends

To order, you can check out monogramtea.com. And for purchases in Malaysia, Monogram’s dealer can be contacted at coffexcoffee.com.




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