A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things, and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. –Agatha Christie–

mother's love

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When you think of your mum, an image of strength does not come to mind. We underestimate the amount of courage and power that comes with raising a child. It requires one’s full spirit, heart, mind and body. So this month is a tribute to all mothers. We take a look at Dr Gary Chapman’s five love languages to see all the ways our mothers love us and all the ways we can love them back.

1. Gift giving
mother's love

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Not to be mistaken for materialism, gift givers express their love through… you’ve guessed it, presents!! If your mum is one who’s constantly buying you gifts, you should give her offerings a bit more thought. Her presents convey her sacrifice of time, energy and money to bring you that extra bit of happiness. Mums who are gift givers give with intense thought and effort. So the next time you decide to nonchalantly toss aside a gift from your mum, take time to appreciate the love that comes with it and you will treasure her and her gifts a little bit more. And the best way to give back to a mum that loves through gift giving is to get something for her! It doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant, it truly is the thought behind it that counts. So take time to choose a gift that will bring her the most benefit or joy and she’ll definitely be delighted.

2. Quality Time
mother's love

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This is for the mothers who are always there. Nothing says, “I love you”, more than full, undivided attention. They are constantly spending time with us, and planning out activities to carry out together as a family. To her, these moments are precious. She yearns to sit and talk with you, get to know your day, what you’re going through, always eager to lend an ear. These are the mums who will miss you terribly when you’re not there. You don’t see the special effort she takes, sacrificing other activities to spend that time with you at your convenience, being on time, and paying you the attention that is her love. So make your mum feel special by spending your precious time with her, doing something you know she’ll love and putting away all distractions. Because that’s what she truly appreciates and that’s what she truly deserves.

3. Words of Affirmation
mother's love

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If you’ve grown up with your mum telling you how much she loves you and how special you are to her, your mum loves you with her words. Her words are meaningful. She packs her thoughts and emotions into what she says to you. Her unsolicited compliments are her tiny gifts to you throughout the day. If your mum shows love through words, return the favour in her language. Hearing the words “I love you,” and hearing the reasons behind that love will send her spirits skyward. Spend some time showering her with some thoughtful words this mother’s day. I guarantee that would be, to her, the loveliest present of all!

4. Acts of Service
mother's love


A predominantly Asian language, mums who love through acts of service don’t say much. Instead they do. Sometimes in complete silence. She’ll stay up extra late to bake those delicious homemade cookies for you to enjoy the next morning. Vacuuming the house, helping you with your homework, folding your clothes; all these are her expression of love. So speak her language this mother’s day and offer up your acts of service. Nothing will sound better to your mum than easing her burdens and responsibilities with a “Let me do that for you.” Your efforts will speak volumes to her of how much you care.

5. Physical Touch

If you grew up with constant hugs and kisses, your mum expresses her love through touch. Affectionate to the core, the pats on the back, the hand holding and the light touches on your arms and face are all the ways she communicates her excitement, concern, care and love. These mums are just the best when you need comfort and consolation. Mums who speak this language will definitely appreciate it if you return her affection, better still, if you initiate it. Being by her side, and close to her, giving her hugs and cuddles throughout the day; these are all the forms of “I love you” she desires to hear.


All people express love in different manners. Your mum may speak more than one love language, but that’s fine, the better to find more ways to love her back with. So this mother’s day, make that lovely lady in your life feel like you mean the world to her in the language that she understands the best.

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