We all spend a substantial amount of our day standing or walking, and a high percentage of women do so on heels. If you’re familiar with the blissful feeling of removing your heels and freeing your hurting feet at the end of the day, perhaps it’s time to explore some alternatives to your usual heel brands.

Not all heels are created equal and we were off to find ones that were created for comfort. That’s when we came across Nottingheels KL.

Nottingheels KL

Nottingheels @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Founded by Amy Chiew, a successful female entrepreneur, her inspiration was conceived out of the need to diversify her business. Hence the orthopaedic shoe idea of Nottingheels was birthed in 2016 at a humble shop lot inside Bangsar Shopping Centre.

As a species that stands and walk on two feet, we take for granted the fact that the entirety of our body weight is borne by our feet, for a large portion of our lives. That is a major pressure placed on a very small area so much so that abnormality of any degree in our feet can lead to problems in the body, be it orthopaedic, abdominal, dermatological, gastroenterological, and even cardiovascular. What’s more, the symptoms related to diseases like diabetes, circulatory problems and arthritis first show themselves through our feet. Needless to say, these hypothetical wings of ours are the ones responsible of taking us everywhere we want go and enabling us to carry out tasks with ease and efficiency. Can you imagine being without your legs for even a day? It’s time this important part of our body gets the special attention it deserves.

The root of the problem is that most people don’t even realise that they have foot problems, primarily because they feel no pain, when in fact, their feet may be slightly deformed. This slight deformity, though non-symptomatic in the present moment may have detrimental implications in the long run. Flat arches for example, if left unattended, will in time cause problems with the ankles, knees and back because of the unideal angle constantly maintained by the body.

These are some of the most common problems developed in feet and legs areas:

  • Flat Arch: A low arch is a complete absence of arch between the inside of the feet to the ground.
  • High Arch: Bottom of the feet is raised too high, starting from the toes to the heel.
  • Supination: While running or walking, the foot continues to push in when it should be pushing off. This causes a twist in the foot, shin and knee that lead to pain in those areas
  • Bow Leg: It is also called genu varum, bandy-leg and tibia vara, are a specific deformity resulting in the appearance of outward bending of the legs.
  • Knock Knee: The knees are bending inward together while the feet are widely separated.
  • Over Pronation: It is the opposite of pronation and this refers to the outward push of the foot from inside.
  • Bunion: It is the major deformity of the big toe which results in big bump protruding from the joint.

The ailments mentioned above and many others are often time result from wearing ill-fitting or inappropriate shoes. Among the treatments podiatrists prescribe, wearing suitable shoes are the most important and common. Having the right footwear can play a major preventive and healing role in the feet and overall body health in variety of ways.

Nottingheels KL

Dr. Bala Gopal

In response to that, Nottingheels KL, in collaboration with podiatrist (Dr. Bala Gopal; Bsc in Mech (Robotics motion control) Eng U.K, Bsc in podiatry NZ, Acupuncturist (Xiamen), with his vast medical knowledge on foot and leg anatomy, has created a line of shoes for both men and women that prioritises comfort, good foot posture and aids Malaysians in their quest for great foot care. Nottingheels KL products are fitted with insoles and arch support to prevent foot problems and come with a stronger back to prevent ankle pain. To add to that, the orthopaedic insoles are antibacterial and antifungal, so you can fret not in catching foot diseases. Also, they are fitted with stronger rubber outsoles for antifriction and most of their orthopaedic shoes are podiatrist tested.

With the foot health aspect covered, Nottingheels KL places great importance in the fashion aspect of footwear as well. Balancing comfort with style, they strive to design shoes that are aesthetically appealing to keep au courant with the sophisticated times we are living in. Their passionate endeavour is to eliminating the health risk of women shoes (even high-heels) by designing and applying physiologically friendly insoles to create fashion-forward shoes that every woman deserves to flaunt.


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