Looking for a make-up brand that’s paraben free, has no phenoxyethanol, phthalates, and animal ingredients, and not to mention, is rid of animal cruelty? Omorose might just be the brand for you!

omorose product review

This home grown brand, originally intended to evoke confidence in cancer patients has been making waves in the Hollywood community. Recently presented at the 2016 pre-Golden Globe awards, the esteemed founder, Terry Liow, an aficionado of the beauty and make-up industry, pioneered his own range of cosmetics which truly cares for its users’ well-being and individual beauty. With a heart for the disabled, Terry creates job opportunities for them through Omorose, so you’ll be glad to know that every product you buy will be lending a helping hand to those who need it.
Now, moving over to the products. A noteworthy thing to mention is that each product has a braille description on it for the blind, to make it easier for them to identify the items they need.

Omorose BB Stick SPF35 – RM134

omorose product review

omorose product review

This BB stick gives UVA and UVB protection, especially from the strong Malaysian sun. If you want to avoid skin pigmentation, freckles and early onset of aging, this sunscreen foundation stick provides the best for both worlds; protection from UV rays and at the same time, an even skin tone.


Aingeal SPF35 – RM134

omorose product review

First thing’s first, colour neutralizers, are meant to “correct” hard-to-cover skin discolorations like redness or bluish-grey under-eye circles. They’re based on the idea that when you want to neutralize a colour, you place its opposing colour over it. So the Aingeal SPF35 will be perfect for those under-eye circles and uneven tones on your face.


Omorose Satyn – RM123

omorose product review

This super fine finishing powder is to be applied after your moisturizer, SPF, foundation, BB and concealer or neutraliser.

omorose product review

The Omorose Satyn will make your skin look smoother by hiding your pores and fine lines for that flawless base finish before you move on to the blush, eye shadow and the rest.


Omorose Rosey Glow – RM77

omorose product review

omorose product review

This rosey red cheek tint, first of all smells great. It has a light, pleasant strawberry scent. And it’s shape and container makes it incredible easy to apply.

omorose product review

Merely rub the nub gently against your cheekbones and blend it using a brush or even your fingers for that perfect blush every time.


Omorose Hypnotic Eyes – RM66

omorose product review

These eyeshadow colours are not my favourite, but for a playful and more dramatic effect, go on ahead!

omorose product review

Spice it up with the brown and blue. The colours adheres quite easily to the skin, so you don’t have to waste much when applying it. A plus indeed!


Omorose Lip Dressing Watermelon – RM40

omorose product review

A vegan lip balm with a delightful watermelon scent.

omorose product review

Tainting the lips lightly with a rosy glow, this is definitely one of my favourite items from Omorose. It doesn’t just moisturise your lips, it makes it look pretty in a very natural way. Feel fresh all day with a dose of watermelon gloss nearby.


Lip Dressing Raspberry Smoothie – RM40

omorose product review

Another lip balm to go under your lipstick to moisturize, or just worn on its own. Omorose lip balms are not too gel like, and they stay on your skin quite consistently, so you won’t need frequent touch ups. I am a fan!


And that’s all for now! I’ll take questions in the comments section. Till my next post!


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