Emanating a contemporary fusion of east meets west, PS150 presents an intoxicating journey for those who venture through its many doors. Inspired by the history of bar evolution from pre-prohibition to the Tiki era, PS150 presents a predominantly south-east Asian vibe with a raw and rusty element, revealing a fascinating story to visitors who enter her premises.

Embark on the journey PS150 has to offer.

PS 150 carefully crafts out a trip snaking through the bar designed to encourage visitors to reminisce about their past.

PS150 bar KL

Toy Store PS150 Entrance

A hidden bar, its entrance camouflaged as a 1960s toy shop, your journey begins here. The childhood toy action figures, dolls, and educational posters evoke nostalgia of our primary school years. Back to a time when we would run around in our navy blue uniforms playing tag during those forty minutes of recess.

When you swing open the door to enter PS150, you’ll be greeted with the abrupt darkness of an empty room. Adorned with just a cracked mirror and a bare mannequin, the aura of the room reflects our adolescent years of uncertainty and self-discovery. Continue on and you’ll walk into the Opium Den inspired by the pre-prohibition era; a narrow hallway exuding a mysterious vibe, complete with oriental hanging beads and high backed private chairs.

PS150 bar KL

Opium Den – Vintage Era

The smell of cigarette smoke will cling to you as you precariously venture to the end of the corridor, to enter into the bar’s next phase; young adulthood.

Open the next door and be welcomed by an abundance of natural light and fresh air! You’re now standing in the Tiki era inspired Courtyard section of PS150.

PS150 bar KL

Courtyard – Tiki Era

Gone are the dim, smoky and confusing days of juvenescence! You’ve made it out, and live to tell the tale. Life is clearer, brighter. So head on over to The Bar, behind door number four, the setting for your 30s, modelled after the Contemporary Era. It’s where old meets new and we’re comfortable in our own skin. This is where life happens. Time to grab that drink, acknowledge our past and look forward eagerly to what the future holds.

PS150 bar KL

The Bar – Contemporary Era

South-East Asian Cocktails with a Modern Twist.

PS 150 has created their own unique collection of cocktails, with a contemporary edge.

PS150 bar KL

Stand by the bar and watch as skilful bartenders dish out their creations. Borrowing the elements of generic cocktails and creating their own concoctions, PS 150 prides itself on its own editions of their top sellers; Lychee No. 3, Salty Chinaman and Asam Boi-Rita. But we took a closer look at three of their unsung heroes.

PS150 bar KL

Trippity Trip @ PS 150

The Trippity Trip fully encapsulates the vibe of PS150; creating an experience that’ll bemuse visitors to this unusual enclave. This Mezcal based drink will conjure up different layers of flavour in your mouth, giving you a truly enjoyable trip!

drinks at PS150 bar KL

Jungle Bird @ PS150

The Jungle Bird at PS 150 is a distinctive edition of this first ever Malaysian cocktail. White rum infused with pandan and dried spices, its combination with Campari and Gula Melaka all play a part in making this delightfully tropical mix come alive.

PS150 bar KL

OuuHaa Gimlet @ PS150

This tuak twist is definitely a find at PS150. The OuuHaa Gimlet takes the traditional Borneo rice wine to the next level, blending seamlessly with the gin and the lime leaving a pleasant citrus aftertaste.

All cocktails pricing at RM40 nett, and a portion of the drinks using local ingredients, there’s something here for everyone. In terms of setting, there are both indoor and outdoor smoking areas, as well as an indoor non-smoking one.

Don’t miss out on the short eats here: The PS150 signature popiahs.

PS150 bar KL

These bite size snacks pack a punch. Crispy coating with succulent fillings, there is an array of flavours to try, with dessert popiahs launching in May! Try out the new ketayap popiah and peanut popiah when you’re there!

Explore one of the most fascinating bars on the streets of Chinatown.

So, if you’re out on a Friday night in KL, looking for a place that provides more than just drinks, but also a creative atmosphere and top notch customer service, make an adventure out of your drinking experience by swinging by PS 150. Its texture, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes will stimulate your senses like none other.

PS 150

Address: 150, Jalan Petaling, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

Phone number: +603 20222888

Open: Mondays to Saturdays (6pm – 2am), Sundays (2pm – 10pm)


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