The century-old Mid-Autumn festival is upon us. And in conjunction with the celebrations, Pullman KLCC is delighted to present an exciting array of fresh new varieties of delicious mooncakes.

They are featuring a new range of signature snow skin flavours such as the Mini Mango and Cheese Paste, Mini Dark Chocolate and Single Malt Whiskey and Dragon Fruit and Mung Bean Paste, with all eight flavours available from 1st August to 4th October.

Pullman KLCC’s Mid-Autumn Collection Mooncakes 2017

Dragon Fruit and Pandan Lotus Mooncakes with Mung Bean Paste

Conventional mooncake favourites such as the Single Egg Yolk with White Lotus Paste will also be available, as well as several new mooncake flavours, such as the Bamboo Charcoal Paste with Macadamia Nut and Black Sesame and Mung Bean Paste. Those who favour a local twist can also look forward to the new Snow Skin Pandan Lotus and Munch Bean paste.

Pullman KLCC’s Mid-Autumn Collection Mooncakes 2017

To give us a teaser of their mooncake delicacies, Pullman KLCC hosted us for a mooncake making class, giving us a unique opportunity to learn how to make our own mooncakes, with the head chef of Tai Zi Heen as our capable teacher.

We learnt to measure out the snow skin dough.

Flatten it into a perfect circle with a slightly thicker centre, place the Pandan Lotus and Dragonfruit paste in the centre of the skin, and gently rotate the paste to wrap the snow skin around it.

Add the mung bean paste to the centre, and close up the opening with the rest of the snow skin dough.

Lightly dust the mooncake mould with flour.

Place the ball into the mooncake mould, press down hard on it so that it takes the shape of the mould.

Give it a good knock on either side, till the mooncake separates slightly from the walls of the mould, then overturn the mould with your palm over the hole, and the mooncake should escape gently onto your palm.

There’s your very own mooncake!

Pullman KLCC’s Mid-Autumn Collection Mooncakes 2017

Of course the recipes to the snow skin dough, mung bean paste and dragonfruit and pandan lotus paste were not revealed, they are Pullman’s secret ingredients after all, but you can buy them goodies from Pullman KLCC itself.

Pullman KLCC’s Mid-Autumn Collection Mooncakes 2017

Pullman KLCC’s Mid-Autumn Collection Mooncakes 2017

Priced from RM25 per piece with box sets of four mooncakes each ranging from RM108 to RM128, they will be sold at Tai Zi Heen Restaurant in Pullman KLCC as well as Pullman KLCC’s Hotel Lobby from 11am to 8pm daily from August 1 to October 4 2017. Only available for pick up from Sept 1 onwards, to order, call 03 2170 3259.

Pullman KLCC’s Mid-Autumn Collection Mooncakes 2017

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