Ladies, take note. That killer dress that you’ve been wanting to flaunt for months, and that posh ass dinner with your man that you’ve been fantasizing about, it comes true here, at The Signature.

You cannot help but be blown away by the décor when you walk in.

Signature at the Roof

Signature at the Roof decor

Surrounded by floor length glass windows, vines intertwined with lights trickling down from the ceiling, and gorgeous wooden furniture, I felt like I was in a treehouse. A magical fairytale treehouse. The atmosphere really won it for me. It created a surreal and very romantic experience.

Signature at the Roof balcony

Signature at the Roof

Also, did I mention this place has a rooftop balcony? Perfect for drinks before dinner!

Signature at the Roof drinks

We got started off with a Coconut Cocktail. Delicious and festive. A delightful concoction of milk and coconut cream mingled with rum.

Next, the starters were marched in. There is no way else to describe their salads except that they were absolutely garden fresh.

Signature at the Roof

Crisp and unblemished, both salad mixes were a fantastic blend of flavor. There was the Mix Salad and the Cous Cous Salad.


Signature at the Roof

Mix Salad

Signature at the Roof

Cous Cous Salad

Personally, I enjoyed the Cous Cous salad more. The cous cous harmonized perfectly with the rest of the vegetables. What made this dish even better was incorporating the turkey from the carving station into this garden party. Too yummy!

Before I had time to thoroughly consume my delish Cous Cous Salad, the soups came. There was the Mushroom Soup which was rich and creamy, the embodiment of what mushroom soup should be.

Signature at the Roof

Mushroom Soup

But what took the cake in the condiments category was the Butter Squash Soup with Cinnamon.

Signature at the Roof

Butter Squash Soup with Cinnamon

Having just the right amount of butterscotch flavor with cream, it was like a warm hug in my tummy. Coupled with the soft roll, it quickly became as addictive as the Cous Cous Salad.

The impressive array of starters set a high bar for the mains. But when the main courses was served, they did not disappoint. First off, the Napoli Pasta with Soft Shell Prawn and Basil Oil.

Signature at the Roof

Napoli Pasta with Soft Shell Prawn and Basil Oil

Exquisitely plated, the pasta was al dente and gracefully topped with deep fried seaweed and alfalfa sprouts. But the highlight of this dish were the soft shelled prawns. Freshly flown in from Sabah, they were plump, firm and delectable.

Next came in my favourite, the Pan Fried Cod Fish with Salted Egg Sauce.

Signature at the Roof

Pan Fried Cod Fish with Salted Egg Sauce

Being a sucker for seafood, I relished the perfectly done cod fish and mash potato duet in my mouth. What made the dish even better were the deep fried crab balls and fresh scallops on the side. I’ll be honest, my tongue orgasmed the moment those succulent scallops entered my mouth. I was in heaven for those two wonderful minutes. Sooooo gooooood…

Signature’s Char Grilled Lamb Rack with Dijon Mustard Gravy came next.

Signature at the Roof

Char Grilled Lamb Rack with Dijon Mustard Gravy

I surprisingly enjoyed this dish very much. Succulent and perfectly done, the lamb was absolutely delightful and was paired perfectly with the mustard gravy. Simply delicious, couldn’t have enough.

Then there was Signature’s Mignon Steak with Cranberry Sauce

Signature at the Roof

Mignon Steak with Cranberry Sauce

Great dish at Signature as well, but alas, my heart had already been won by the Lamb with Mustard Gravy.

So, when there was absolutely no room in our bellies, the desserts showed up.

Signature at the Roof

Strawberry Tartlets

The Strawberry Tartlets were nothing to shout about, but the Brownies…girls, I felt every ounce of self-control I had strip away when I took my first bite. How do I describe this?? It would be like a fudgy Belgium chocolate bomb erupting in your mouth, flooding all your taste buds with joy and happiness. I didn’t give two hoots about my diet after that! Brownies, come to mama…

Signature at the Roof

Chocolate Mousse

Then came the Chocolate Mousse. Honestly, nothing could beat those chocolate brownies, but to give a fair opinion, the mousse was smooth and savory. And the one with the berry mix was more appetizing. The blend of berry and chocolate was a tasteful tease, you just had to take another bite.

Signature at the Roof

Overall, the entire dining experience at The Signature was marvelous. The food was divine, the staff was incredibly pleasant, and the ambiance was both elegant and cozy. Great place for any occasion, highly recommended!

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