Counting down from number 10, here is ESPN’s list of toughest sports.



Soccer. Source: Pexels

This is the most popular sport in the world. People love to watch it, but to actually be a player on the field in front of all those spectators takes an incredible amount of effort. You’ve got to have stamina, agility, technique, footwork, coordination, ability to make quick decisions and work with your team. Those are definitely good reasons for the whole world to be hooked onto their screens every time the world cup comes around.



Baseball. Source: Pexels

Baseball is essentially hitting a round ball, with a round bat, squarely. And the ball is coming at you at 90 mph. You have less than a quarter of a second to see the pitch, judge its speed and location decide what to do and then swing.

Hitting of a baseball

Hitting of a baseball

This is such a difficult feat that failing to hit 7 out of 10 pitches is still good enough to land a billion dollar contract. When a higher percentage of misses compared to hits is happily accepted by even professionals, that says something about the sheer impossibility of perfection in this sport.



Gymnastics. Source: Pixabay

Have you ever see a gymnast on a balance beam.

Gymnast on the balance beam

Look at that level of coordination!

We need not say more, just look at the speed and coordination of this gymnast on the vault.

Gymnast doing the vault

Gymnast doing the vault

Imagine flinging yourself into the air like that with no safety net. It is an almost super human feat. Which is why this sport definitely deserves its place on this top ten list.



Tennis. Source: Pexels

Once of the key challenges of tennis is that there are no substitutions. The player is alone. No team members. Which is why it is challenging, mentally. Because if you mess up, you have only yourself to blame. Also, you need huge skill when serving and volleying. A tennis player needs to adjust quickly to different surfaces on the courts and different balls. What’s more, there is no time limit for this game, which means you’ll need excellent stamina as well! There is definitely more to this sport than meets the eye.

  1. MMA

Martial Arts

Martial Arts. Source: Pixabay

No one, not a single person will say that MMA is an easy sport. It is evident that this is a very demanding one. You need coordination, complete body strength, technique, and of course an unlimited amount of endurance and stamina. There is no doubt that this sport is brutal. If you’ve seen their training and their fights, you can agree with us why MMA ranks so high on this list.



Wrestling. Source: Pixabay

From the stressful process of weight cutting to strength and conditioning, wrestling demands a lot from the body. An elite wrestler has to constantly maintain his endurance, strength and speed. What tops it all off for the wrestler is that he would have to endure many injuries throughout the span of his career. It is clear that this sport is not a walk in the park.



Basketball. Source: Pixabay

Basketball is a draining sport to play. When you have the ball, that’s when you push your body a 100%. Also, there is a lot of technique involved here with footwork and dribbling not to mention the amount of strategy and coordination that must be trained up within the team.


American Football

American Football. Source: Pexels

Football requires a lot of sprinting. And thinking. Split second decisions are crucial to making the play work. Football players must pick up on what their opponent team is doing as a whole, and at the same time communicate and coordinate with their team players efficiently so that their team functions harmoniously. Also, in this sport, you must be able to take a hit. And football is not a gentle sport.


Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey. Source: Pexels

There’s no crying in hockey. Ever. Even though this is an incredibly dangerous and brutal sport. Hockey players have to have excessive pain tolerance, incredible stamina, speed and lots of strength. They have to accurately shoot the puck, catch the puck, read other players, be agile and tough, jump, hit and run all on ice skates. If that isn’t the epitome of difficult, we don’t know what is.



Boxing. Source: Pexels

Boxing is at the top of this list because it puts you into a life or death sort of scenario. In three minutes, you’ve got to destroy your opponent. A boxer has to face fear and punch it head on. And those three minutes in the ring moves painfully slowly when your body is working in overdrive. Try punching with maximum speed and power on a heavy bag for thirty seconds and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Add in the element of someone punching you while you’re trying to punch and you’ll understand why boxing is the most difficult sport there is.


Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you’ve always wanted to pick up a sport, now would be a great time to do it! Learning does wonders for the mind and the body.

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