VCR. A name inspired from the classic cassette tapes of the Sixties. Built on passion and vision, Andrew, its founder drew inspiration from the coffee culture in the States. A coffee geek at heart, with intense fervour for the bean, Andrew took it upon himself to create an outlet to educate people about coffee, so they can share his passion. His brainchild: VCR Bangsar.

VCR Bangsar

Here, customers are spoilt with coffee beans from around the world, roasted locally, and new bean types introduced every three months. Also, the great thing about VCR is the extent to which they strive to cater to each and every customer. VCR understands that people differ in their preference of coffee taste. If customers do not enjoy a particular way the coffee is made, VCR does its level best to tweak its recipe to accommodate. To them, coffee is for everyone, and if you haven’t fallen in love with it yet, it just means you haven’t found the right cuppa.

VCR Bangsar

Cappuccino – RM12

VCR takes on an industrial, minimalistic, New York-esque vibe. Hues of black and white, with mini coffee tables, the interior’s edgy design definitely earns its place in the heart of Bangsar.

VCR Bangsar

Catering predominantly for breakfast and lunch, you’ll find an interesting array of selections. We tried two items from the lunch menu. The Pennsylvania Soul and the VCR Hot Cakes.

VCR Bangsar

Pennsylvania Soul – RM25

An American-inspired combination of sweet potato waffles and fried chicken, this wonder of a dish is incredibly easy on the eyes. A warning though, you’ll probably be starving by the time you’re done Instagramming this stunning display of food. The chicken here is pleasantly done, its crisp coating delivering that delectable crunch. But the real winner of this dish is the sauce drizzled over it. A smooth blend of sirracha and mayo, it gives the chicken a memorable twist. You’ll be wiping the dish clean to finish. It’s no wonder that the Pennsylvania Soul is their best seller. The ideal comfort food, this waffle and chicken combo will surely win you over.  Another lunch item we tried was the VCR Hot Cakes.

VCR Bangsar

VCR Hot Cakes – RM25

Made from Polenta corn milk, regular milk, and butter, and topped with homemade caramel fig yogurt, berries, nuts and flax seeds, this blueberry hot cake dessert sports a healthy disguise. I must say, the yogurt was a delight to consume, light and fluffy from the blend, it was the perfect finish to this creative dish.

VCR just launched its dinner menu in May, and we were fortunate to sample some dishes during our visit. We started off with a VCR Nibble; The Jerusalem.

VCR Bangsar

The Jerusalem – RM18

Its name was enough to induce curiosity. The crux of VCR is its appetite for experimentation. So when the desire to bring something new to its predominantly western-themed table met Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine, Jerusalem was born. A generous portion of aubergine bathed in the rich flavours of hummus with a sprinkle of hazelnuts, tomato salsa and pomegranate, this interesting ensemble is to be scooped and eaten up with the accompanying flatbread.

Next up, the Ebi and Salmon Bao.

VCR Bangsar

Ebi and Salmon Bao – RM26

A creative integration of Asian and Western cuisine, it showcased deep-fried ebi and salmon belly sandwiched in between a homemade bao sliced into two. With ingredients locally sourced and made entirely from scratch, this yummy burger-like treat had deep fried salmon coated with breadcrumbs and was stuffed with watercress, Ponzu caramel and Yuzu mayo.

Pretty soon, it was time for dessert and we were presented with a shimmering orb of neon pink, Sepia, VCR’s gorgeous star in its dessert menu.

VCR Bangsar

Sepia – RM22

The sweet light flavours of the raspberry sorbet danced in synchrony with the rosemary shortbread blended to resemble the texture of soil. Dehydrated chocolate mousse fenced around the cold sphere, as coconut curd and kiwi nestled at the bottom of the sweet dish ready to surprise the unsuspecting diner. An ornate and mouth-watering garden party right there.


Coffee education, good food and a great experience. The DNA components of VCR. With great food made from scratch, and coffee brilliantly and passionately brewed, VCR is a soothing comfort of a place, definitely worth a stop-by.

VCR Bangsar

Address: 31, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hours: Open today · 8:30AM–11PM

Phone: +60 3-2201 0011

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