Here are some reasons why learning is great for you.


Learning keeps your mind sharp

Learning keeps your mind sharp. Source: Pixabay

A study was done by Dr. Denise Park on over 200 senior citizens on how different activities affected their memory. She discovered that all activities are not created equal. Only those who learned a new skill had significant gains. Those who picked up more difficult skills like digital photography and Photoshop had the greatest improvement. This is because, according to cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, challenging activities strengthen the connections between parts of your brain, effectively delaying the onset of dementia.


Learning might be the secret to a long life

Learning might be the secret to a long life. Source: Pixabay

A study done showed that people with a college educations could live up to seven years longer than those with only high school degrees. Education equips people with better cognitive and problem solving skills. So they tend to make better lifestyle decisions that increase their health and survival odds.


Learning makes us happy!

Learning makes us happy! Source: Pexels

Learning brings you happiness, especially when you have found your flow (a term coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi). It’s when people are so intensely absorbed in a task lose track of time and place. They do not feel time passing by when they are in that state. They may emerge from the task tired but happy and fulfilled.


Have you never gotten that buzz of pleasure when you learn something new? That AHA moment when you discover something. That click that goes off in your brain. When you stick that landing or create something you’re proud of, that’s when you gain self-esteem that you have made progress. Don’t just stick to what you know, afraid of failing in something you know nothing about. Because failing is always the first step to learning.

Trying everything, even if you fail

Trying everything, even if you fail


Learning makes life interesting.

Learning makes life interesting. Source: Pexels

Trying out and learning new things expands your field of experience. You become a multi-dimensional person, capable of seeing things from a different perspectives and being able to relate to more people because of your wide comfort zone. You have a lot to share and contribute, and you find more things interesting probably because you already know enough to be captivated. Also, the spirit of learning is kept very much alive. So the more you learn, the more you know, and the more you’d want to keep on learning. It’s a healthy cycle that more of us should hop on.


You are what you learn. And learning new skills add value to you. Technical skills could get you a job. Financial skills could increase your income. And communication skills could enhance the relationships that you have. Picking up these skills are also a reminder that regardless of how skilled or knowledgeable you are, every day, you have a chance to learn more, improve, and get better.

Once you stop learning, you start dying.

Once you stop learning, you start dying.

Appreciate the experience of trying something new, rather than obsessing about how well you’re doing at it. Step out of your safety bubble! We know that your comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn something new every day!

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