As a Malaccan girl, you know what we call a meal where there is a boiling pot in the middle of the table where you cook all your food? Satay Celup.

In KL, people picture steamboat instead. And that’s where me and Jac went on our next duo food expedition!

Ye Zi.

Ye Zi Restaurant at the roof

A lavish steamboat restaurant at The Roof, this popular place already has its regular audience. You’d need to make a reservation if you wanted a table.

We started out picking our broth, which by the way is the main attraction at Ye Zi. Coconut based broth, inspired by the Shenzhen steamboat house in China, and a wide range of organic dishes to be integrated into this delicious soup.

While waiting for our broth to arrive, we got served these steamed nuts. This seemingly simple appetizer was a pleasant surprise. Soft and flavourful, nuts steamed are now my favourite form. Great appetizer preparing our tummies for what’s yet to come.

Ye zi Restaurant at the roof

Steamed Nuts

We had the Cuttle Fish Pork Balls, Coconut Dumplings, Bamboo Charcoal noodles and Enoki Mushrooms.

Ye zi Restaurant at the roof

Yezi Restaurant at the roof

Ye zi Restaurant at the roof

Ye zi Restaurant at the roof

And we got to cooking!

Ye zi Restaurant at the roof

Once the broth was brought to a boil, we dumped the ingredients in one by one and waited about five mins before we lifted the lid to enjoy our culinary achievements.

Ye zi Restaurant at the roof

First thing’s first. I got to sing praises about the broth. Crab Broth (RM 58). It really gave us a run for our money. Was rich in flavor and an aromatic delight. There were even actual crabs in the broth which explains the authentic crab flavor in the soup.

The Cuttle Fish Pork Balls (RM 12) were delectable. One lovely surprise in these ball were the chestnut chunks that were hidden within those delicious globes of pork. Very yummy indeed.

The bamboo charcoal noodles combined perfectly with the broth. Tip would be to leave it to cook in the broth longer so that is becomes silky smooth.


So, I really liked the food here actually. Despite all the grandeur, the price was actually quite reasonable. The whole meal costed RM 115 and it could have fed three people to the brim. Me and Jac were not victors in the finishing your meal department. We should be ashamed of ourselves, I know but there was just too much food! Loved this place. Would come back for more, especially with family.

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