Ever tried to learn something, but gave up because it was too difficult? Keep trying, because you are more capable than you ever imagined. Here are five abilities the brain possesses that we often take for granted.


Our brain has capabilities that surpass even the best supercomputers. When given input, our brains form new synapses to accommodate the new information. So you can say that learning involves altering the structures of our brains. Which is pretty cool cause every time you learn something new, you become a bit different, both mentally and physically. More importantly, learning is extremely beneficial for you and your brain. Here’s why.


Do you know that approximately 8.64 x 10^26 chemical reactions happen in our bodies every single day? You don’t want to see how many zeros are in that number. It would probably be the length of this entire article. These chemical reactions are the ones that make our biological processes possible. Like digestion, metabolism, homeostasis, etc. Basically, these are the reactions that keep you ALIVE. And guess who is in charge of these gazillion chemical reactions that happen every second of every day?

Yup, the Brain. If it didn’t do all that it is doing, we would stand no chance in keeping ourselves alive. Your brain is the best Alfred you could ever dream of.


The reality around us, we rarely take as it is. Our brains take objective reality and personalizes the raw information according to our past experiences and personalities creating “our own perspective” on whatever happened. This is our efficient way of making sense of the world around us. Ever remembered something that happened differently from someone else who was also there? This is called memory editing. Because your mind is subjective to your reality, it distorts objectivity to make sense of the event so that it can be stored more easily into your memory.


Our brains put the fastest cars in the world to shame. Signals can travel as fast as 268 mph. This is especially crucial when pain is involved. Imagine if signals from a body part causing you pain did not reach your brain in time!

Our brains in slow motion could kill us.

Our brains in slow motion could kill us. SB Mania


There are amazing cases of people getting super strength in life threatening situations, when the brain shuts down non-critical body functions (like digestion and immune response) and transfers energy into the muscle fibers for a few minutes.

The brain learns and performs

Our brains give us superhuman strength! Pennlive.net

But on a less epic note, one study showed that when people thought about working out a certain part of their body for twelve weeks, those muscles in particular were able to lift 35% more weight without exercise. So the brain somehow tricked the body into becoming stronger than it actually is. Although amazing, not an excuse for us to skip going to the gym.

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